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Audience Segmentation

Modeling Decency, Sir (an edited version) 2017

This is a paper I wrote during the first year of the Trump administration in 2017. A version will be part of a second volunte on empathy edited by Elif W. Gokcigdem.

Layering in Place, a one hour video with Janet Kamien forFundacion TyPA training in November 2011

This video held in Buenos Aires was part of a training session held in Buenos Aires in November 2011.  My co-teacher is Janet Kamien who was there as a Fulbright Scholar.

Layering in Place (in English and Spanish)

Layering in Place is the title of a workshop that I conduct in many countries and many contexts.  The concept incorporates audience segmentation, and exhibition changes that act as overlays.&n

Concept of Fairness

In 1990 I was asked to participate in a debate about fairness in museums for the American Association of museums.  My second was Joallyn Archambault who was director of the American Indian Pro



15 February 2010

Audience Segmentation : Ways of Looking at Visitors

This was written to help museum staff dissect their users into segments.

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