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Ideas and Thinkers to Incorporate

Michael Spock: An obituary 2019

This 500-word obituary appeared in the American Alliance of Museums MUSEUM NEWS issue. It was written, as was often the case at the Boston Children’s Museum, by many editors and adders.

Does Money Matter, A Master's Thesis about perception of museum's funding by visitors

The link below will take you to a master’s thesis written in 2015 by Elizabeth Rudrud researching the perception of museum funding by visitors.

Ed Rodley's Blog "Thinking about Museums"

Ed Rodley (Who I do not know) has a thoughtful and well researched site called “Thinking about Museums”.

Leadership matters blog post by Anne Ackerson and Joan Baldwin

I feel very privileged to have been included in a few blog posts on the Blog site leadership matters which looks at gender equality in leadership roles in museums.  Anne Ackerson and Joan Bald

Forward to the Book "Hot Topics, Public Culture, Museums" by Fiona Cameron and Lynbda Kelly

This Book written in Australia after a conference on the same topic and after of years of research is a useful reminders about the power museums have in presenting difficult material.  I wrote

Leadership at the Boston Children's Museum

Here are two short video’s — one on Mike Spock’s leadership style and one on being the boss of the Visitor Center at the Boston Children’s Museum between 1970-1987.  Both accurately reflect m


In 2002 I was invited to speak at the UK Museums Association held in Leicester and chose to speak about directors and creative thinking.  I have written quite a number of pape


In 1991 i was invited to give a speech at the Jewish Museum Association.  I was at the time the Deputy Assistant Director for the National Museum of the American Indian and involved in the fir

Maria Valchou: A blog "Musing on Culture"

Maria Valchou: A blog “Musing on Culture”on Sept 14 2014 writes about Tilden, Cotton Dana and my writing.  I am honored to be in their company but especially recommend this blog to you because

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