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Vieques, Puerto Rico


Welcome to the Pilot House and Casita Omi


  1. Go to the ferry at Isabel Segunda.
  2. Take the first right immediately past the ferry terminal (as you are going away from town) and head steeply uphill.
  3. Stay on this road as it continues uphill. You will come to an intersection where you can turn left or right or continue going uphill.  Take the uphill (middle) choice and continue to the top of the hill. 
  4. Here the road ends in “T.” Turn right and follow the road downward and around a left-hand curve to the bottom of the hill. 
  5. Past the bottom of the hill, on the right, you will see a green truck trailer.
  6. Turn immediately right past this trailer onto “Calle Angel Barbosa,” which goes again steeply uphill. 
  7. Pass “Casa de Claire” on your left and on your right you will see a terra cotta colored wall with a sign announcing “Casa Piloto” and “Casita Omi.”
  8. You have arrived!  (And if you have the house keys you will also have an electronic “clicker” to open the gate and let yourself into the property.
  9. Have a wonderful time.

Tips for Living in the Pilot House and Casita Omi

All the information you’ll need for your visit to our houses in Vieques.