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References and Bibliographies

Does Money Matter, A Master's Thesis about perception of museum's funding by visitors

The link below will take you to a master’s thesis written in 2015 by Elizabeth Rudrud researching the perception of museum funding by visitors.

Smithsonian Museum Studies

How very very nice of the Smithsonian to create such a useful site of museum resources and bibliographies.  I am pleased that some of my work is included but it contains much much more. 

The ART MUSEUM AS EDUCATOR a discussion of he Client Centered Structure of the Children's Museum, Boston

Council on Museums and Education in the Visual Arts., Barbara Y. Newsom, and Adele Z. Silver. The Art Museum as Educator : A Collection of Studies as Guides to Practice and Policy.

George Hein's slide package on Museum's as Education and Museum Education

George Hein has spent an academic lifetime focused on learning in museums and its relationship to learning theory.  This slide package allows students and museum staff to understand the educat

Remembering Steve Weil

Let me share with you an indelible memory of Steve Weil that finally makes sense to me.

ICOM Bibliography

How kind of ICOM to present a website of bibliographic material

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