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One Meter Square

A poetic reflection on safe space written as part of the art book of Graciela Sacco, an Argentine contemporary artist.  Gracella took pictures of people walking on an overhead walkway in an ai

A radio interview between Elaine Heumann Gurian and Carol Bossert on MuseumLife.

MuseumLife, an on air series produced by the Voice of America and hosted by Carol Bossert. October 11, 2013

Entitled Museum Musings.

Wanting to be the Third on your Block

Thje Paper “Being the Third on Your Block” was written for the Michigan Museum Association in 2009 and is about the process of change within and between museums.  It was a pleasure to be invit

Interview on Dialogue TV June 2007

I was delighted to be asked by George Liston Seay of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars to be interviewed upon the publishing of my collected writings, Civilizing the Museum. 

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