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Museum Issues

Museum creating Garden to Feed the Homeless

Here is a NPR trascript of interview about Phillbrook Museum of Art electing to turn part of its formal garden into a food growing garden for a food kitch

The ART MUSEUM AS EDUCATOR a discussion of he Client Centered Structure of the Children's Museum, Boston

Council on Museums and Education in the Visual Arts., Barbara Y. Newsom, and Adele Z. Silver. The Art Museum as Educator : A Collection of Studies as Guides to Practice and Policy.

A conversation on Museum 3.0 about museums and social service

Museum 3.0 has been hosted in the past by Lynda Kelly and Agelina Russo in Australia.  Museum 3.0 is a blog worth reading.

The Tang Conference April 2006: A panel discussion of the University Museum

Lisa Curran, Doren Ross, Fred Wilson and I spoke about university art museums from different perspectives. The panel discussion is attached.

The Vanity Museum, a consideration


January 2010

Free At Last (AAM version)

The article “Free at Last” appeared in Museum News in 2005.  The article espouses free entrance without mandatory admission as necessary for welcoming more and more diverse visitors

George Hein's slide package on Museum's as Education and Museum Education

George Hein has spent an academic lifetime focused on learning in museums and its relationship to learning theory.  This slide package allows students and museum staff to understand the educat

Nina Simon and her blog Museum 2.0

Nina Simon is a prolific and original thinker.

Boston Stories: Internal Culture of the Boston Children's Museum in the 1970's and 80's

This project “Boston Stories” is the work of many people, mostly alumni of the Boston Children’s Museum during the 1970’s onward.

The Echtheit: Children’s Museums of the future.

The link to this paper is attached below and was written in 2008 for Hands-On Europe the international children’s museum conference held in Germany.

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