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Social Service

What I am thinking about -- A public conversation in Medellin Columbia at the Reimaging the Museum Conference 2017

The attached YouTube film is a 28-minute video presentation of my thinking at the Reimagining the Museum Conference in Medellin Columbia in 2017.

The Opportunity for Social Service 1991

This papeer which explores the nature of community centers and suggests that this work, with or without access to objects, is part of the museum family.  It was written first for a presentatio

Museums As Socially Responsible Institutions 1988

This paper was originally presented as the keynote address at a “Museums as Socially Responsible Institutions” at George Washington University in October 1988.  It was subsequently delivered i

POROUS : AGGREGATION, DIS-AGGREGATION AND RE-AGGREGATION: How Michael Hulme’s writings on climate change can affect the way museums think of their own work.

In 2011 I was asked by Fiona Cameron to join a panel in Australia to comment on the work of Mike Hulme, a climate scientist who was now working on helping institutions understand how to present pub

Museum creating Garden to Feed the Homeless

Here is a NPR trascript of interview about Phillbrook Museum of Art electing to turn part of its formal garden into a food growing garden for a food kitch

A conversation on Museum 3.0 about museums and social service

Museum 3.0 has been hosted in the past by Lynda Kelly and Agelina Russo in Australia.  Museum 3.0 is a blog worth reading.

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