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Does Money Matter, A Master's Thesis about perception of museum's funding by visitors

The link below will take you to a master’s thesis written in 2015 by Elizabeth Rudrud researching the perception of museum funding by visitors.

A rebutal to an attack on the Smithsonian -- a 1996 c-span interview with Brian Lamb

I remember this being an artificially created controversy so I elected to be interviewed alone as did the other interviewee.  Long time ago. In the introduction Brian said.   ”<


I wrote this power point slide set for the beginning conversation with boards of directors intent on starting a new museum.

Public Trust and Ethics for Museums in Service to Society

This is a simple three part power point presentation to introduce the idea that ethics and mission operate in all spheres of museum activities and are integrated to each other. It is very useful to use in fledgling institutions, with inexperienced staff or undergraduate students who have not yet contemplated that there are ethical considerations governing their work. There are obvious many more and more nuanced considerations to follow.
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