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Museum Studies/Museology

Complexity Theory and Museums 2017

I had the honor of being a keynote speaker at the MuseumNext conference in Melbourne Australia in 2017.  The paper I delivered in both on their website and uploaded and linked here.

Layering in Place, a one hour video with Janet Kamien forFundacion TyPA training in November 2011

This video held in Buenos Aires was part of a training session held in Buenos Aires in November 2011.  My co-teacher is Janet Kamien who was there as a Fulbright Scholar.

Forward to the Book "Hot Topics, Public Culture, Museums" by Fiona Cameron and Lynbda Kelly

This Book written in Australia after a conference on the same topic and after of years of research is a useful reminders about the power museums have in presenting difficult material.  I wrote

The Opportunity for Social Service 1991

This papeer which explores the nature of community centers and suggests that this work, with or without access to objects, is part of the museum family.  It was written first for a presentatio

Turning the Ocean Liner Slowly 1990

Turning the Ocean Liner Slowly” was about the Smithsonian Institution after I had left.  I had been the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Museums and the Deputy Director for Public Program Plann

Museums As Socially Responsible Institutions 1988

This paper was originally presented as the keynote address at a “Museums as Socially Responsible Institutions” at George Washington University in October 1988.  It was subsequently delivered i

Concept of Fairness

In 1990 I was asked to participate in a debate about fairness in museums for the American Association of museums.  My second was Joallyn Archambault who was director of the American Indian Pro


NOODLING AROUND WITH EXHIBITION OPPORTUNITIES was first written for Exhibiting Cultures (ed. Steven D.


I was invited by Alison Edwards and Laurence Sullivan to be part of a conference at the Harvard Divinity School in 2002.  Out of that conference came the important volume “Stewards of the


I was asked to speak at a conference in Leicester Museum Studies Program organized by Suzanne MacLoed.  The version of the speech was published in “Reshaping Museum Space” published b

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