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Exhibition and Interpretation

Linda Norris, The Uncatalogue Museum, A blog

Linda Norris is a museum consultant, author, teacher and general thinker whose work I admire.  Here is a blog posting where she mentions me but I would encourage you to read her many posts.&nb

Roger Miles at VSA conference 1992 about the Exhibition Team Approach

Roger Miles, a man I admired very much, gave this paper in 1992 at the VSA conference.  He gave a paper called”Too Many Cooks Boil the Wroth” It is about using the team approach for exhib


I wrote this power point slide set for the beginning conversation with boards of directors intent on starting a new museum.


  • This power point was written an introduction to the issue of Timeliness and Relevance in museums especially in museum exhibitions and programs.
  • I wrote it as a

Exhibition Strategies

An orientation power point to begin the conversation on exhibition thinking and implementation without regard to content.

Useful for:

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