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Roger Miles at VSA conference 1992 about the Exhibition Team Approach

Roger Miles, a man I admired very much, gave this paper in 1992 at the VSA conference.  He gave a paper called”Too Many Cooks Boil the Wroth” It is about using the team approach for exhibition design.  It was, he said, inspired by a speech I had given two years prior also at the Visitor Studies Conferance.  I found this paper on the web (Feb 2011) having never seen it before.  It is still useful as we continue to try to understand the exhibition process.  It is clear and the paper points out that no process is perfect and all depend on the people involved.  Unfortunately it is no longer linked.  But I encourage you to read his material on an academic website.

Roger Miles was in charge of the exhibitions at the British Museum of Natural History and began what has become a thorough going change process. The exhibits he managed were among the most forward looking exhibitions of the time.  He and Paulette McManus working together made great inroads in getting British Museums to understand the value of evaluation.