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What I am thinking about -- A public conversation in Medellin Columbia at the Reimaging the Museum Conference 2017

The attached YouTube film is a 28-minute video presentation of my thinking at the Reimagining the Museum Conference in Medellin Columbia in 2017. The conference was a partnership between the American Alliance of Museums, Explora, the Science Museum of Medellin, and Fundacion TyPA on whose board of advisors I so gratefully sit.

This recording was made of a session at that conference called “What is Elaine Thinking”? and was recorded after I had written “The Importance of ‘And’”, a paper about Complexity Theory for Museum Next and a paper called “Do Everything” a paper about multiple forms of simultaneous resistance for the Museum Program graduate students at the University of San Fransisco and refers to both papers in the talk.

I am always alarmed to watch myself on video speaking extemporaneously but think this recording reflects my thinking accurately.  If you would rather listen orally than read my papers this is a good place to begin. 

I am grateful, as I always am, to Fundacion TyPA in Buenos Aires who organizes the conferences that allow social action to be a welcomed part of the Museum world.