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The Blurring of the Boundaries: Merging the Definitions of Museums with Other Institutions

A Blurring of the Boundaries” was written in 1994 about enlarging the definition of museums to include institutions quite unlike the object based institutions we think of as classical museums.  Twenty years later I still find this paper useful.  Museums are a big category. 

 This is a paper about the blurring defintion of museums and their merging with other institutions.  The edges are becoming indestinct and I consider that a good thing.

The paper is available in the online publication:Heritage, museums and galleries: an introductory reader Ed. Gerard Corsane, 2005, ISBN: 978-0-415-28946-7 (paperback) 978-0-415-28945-0 (hardback), p. 71ff.  It is also available in Civilizing the Museum: the Collected Writings by Elaine Heumann Gurian.  A earlier draft is available in the link below.