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Museum Issues


I was asked to speak at a conference in Leicester Museum Studies Program organized by Suzanne MacLoed.  The version of the speech was published in “Reshaping Museum Space” published b

Curator From Soloist to Impresario

I was asked by Fiona Cameron and Linda Kelly to write a chapter for the book they were editing in 2010 entitled Hot Topocs, Public Culture, Museums.  This chapter attempts to consider

POROUS : AGGREGATION, DIS-AGGREGATION AND RE-AGGREGATION: How Michael Hulme’s writings on climate change can affect the way museums think of their own work.

In 2011 I was asked by Fiona Cameron to join a panel in Australia to comment on the work of Mike Hulme, a climate scientist who was now working on helping institutions understand how to present pub

Choosing Among the Options


First published in the Journal Curator

Along a Continuum, my relfections on Museums, Delivered in Australia conference on Contested Spaces 2004

This is an overview of what I thought about museums in 2004.  It still holds true today.  It is a highly personal and not academic paper than borrows from other writings of mine but is a

Why are Children's Museums Museums?

A blog consideration about the special niche for Children’s Museums.

A radio interview between Elaine Heumann Gurian and Carol Bossert on MuseumLife.

MuseumLife, an on air series produced by the Voice of America and hosted by Carol Bossert. October 11, 2013

Entitled Museum Musings.

Museums Respond to Crisis 2014

This is a slide share I made for sharing in Ukraine when the revolution of Maidan had just ended and the civil war had just begun.  It was clear that disaster reparedness was important and whi

Wanting to be the Third on your Block

Thje Paper “Being the Third on Your Block” was written for the Michigan Museum Association in 2009 and is about the process of change within and between museums.  It was a pleasure to be invit

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