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Public Space: An article by Tillie Baker, A discussion about seating in the V&A and how it is used

Tillie Baker write in 2011 in the V&A Online Journal about seating and cites my work and many of my favorite authors about public space and museums responsibility. An abstract and a link to the article is included below.

V&A Online Journal, Issue No. 3 Spring 2011, ISSN 2043-667X

Seating and sitting in the V&A: An observational study

Tillie Baker
PA to Director of Learning, V&A


Good public spaces accommodate, and attract, lingering. National museums in the UK are civic spaces, where seating is provided in circulation areas for visitors to wait, rest or otherwise pause. Different areas and kinds of seating support a range of uses by visitors in addition to sitting. A pilot study conducted in late 2009 investigated three circulation areas in the V&A - the Grand Entrance, Grand Entrance Steps, and the Sackler Centre reception, to explore how these spaces and the styles of seating provided are used by museum visitors. The study shows that differentiated spaces with varied styles of seating are an important aspect of the Museum’s visitor provision.